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The staff was professional and friendly. Dr. Guerin was caring and made me feel at ease. I would highly recommend Dr. Guerin to friends and family.
— Jean J.
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Dental Implants

Over the past 20 years, dental implantology has changed the paradigm of modern dentistry.  So much so, that with every tooth removed we keep in mind that this may be a site for a future or immediate implant.  It has evolved to be the standard of care to remove the tooth and prepare the socket in a manner that allows for implant placement.

Whether it is securing a lower denture that has been floating around in your mouth for 30 years or replacing a front tooth that was knocked out on your mountain biking mishap, we have the ability secure your prosthesis or replace your tooth within a day or two.  Because we perform 90% of our implant surgeries in the office, we don’t have to send you all over town for endless consults, dictated by multiple office schedules.

Another advantage to not going to a dedicated surgeon is that with every implant, my focus on the end product, the esthetics, and function of the tooth and the relationship to the surrounding dentition.  I began placing my implants over ten years ago mainly due to my frustration with poor placement.  I would often have patients return to my office with a prosthesis that was barely restorable, let alone in an esthetic, harmonious manner.  Once it was integrated, it was no longer the surgeon’s problem.  I have been restoring dental implants for close to 20 years now, and have been doing the surgeries myself for the past 10.  Next, to children’s dentistry, nothing gives me more pleasure in my profession than restoring someone’s ability to chew and smile and not be self-conscious, and in this way, nothing has changed modern dentistry in the manner dental implants have.

Same Day Crowns

If it hasn’t happened to you personally, I’m sure that you know someone who has unexpectedly broken a tooth.  Usually, as Murphy’s Law dictates, this occurs just before a major event such as weddings, picture day at school, or maybe even a first date!  Thanks to our investment in technology and training, we have been providing same day crowns for the past several years. We can deliver up to three beautiful, solid porcelain crowns in just under three hours from the moment you walk through our door.  We do not use metal in crowns, so no more black lines or worrying that some offshore mega -dental lab has to use lead for your new tooth!

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