Everything We Do Is Esthetic

While you need no certification or special license for cosmetic dentistry, you must have the heart of a healer and the soul of an artist, and take special pride in every filling, crown, bridge, or implant you do!

Cosmetic and Esthetic Dentistry, while a peculiar term, is thrown around in dentistry quite a bit. When I hear this term, I always think back to dental school, and what one of my restorative professors told me after a fancy downtown dentist provided a guest lecture at UCSF. “Everything we do is esthetic.  We have always been guided by the principals of health, function, and esthetics.” It truly is a cornerstone of everything I do. 

In dental school, my peers recognized my passion and aptitude for design when they saw the jewelry I made with the scrap gold that was left over from casting.  To this day, my mother still wears the pendant I made for her.  My interest and attention to detail led to me being hired by several upper class-men to design, wax, and cast their gold crowns for board patients. Although things have moved to laser scanning, and Computer Aided Design, I still enjoy designing, milling and adding the minute detail to each and every crown I cement!  With the help of my amazing staff, 90% of our crowns are fabricated here on site.

It’s an incredible feeling when you can return a beautiful smile to that young teen that had a tooth knocked out, or broken in half.  A single anterior incisor is one of the most challenging restorative procedures we do.  People are more emotionally affected by these mishaps, and often don’t want to leave the house until their teeth are restored! So it’s pretty incredible that we can restore most broken teeth in one day.

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