Stop potential problems before they exist

The staff is great. They worked me in on a full schedule when I had a terrible tooth ache.
— Kurt S.
patient getting a dental exam

Practicing comprehensive care means we strive to provide everything within our scope of expertise, to practice well above the standard of care, and most of all, to do our very best to provide comfort and understanding. In doing so, over the years, we have developed a family-friendly atmosphere.  Our team, including dentist, has been together for 8 plus years, this is the way we regard and treat each other as well.  We ask ourselves, “How would we treat a family member?”  So whether its veneers, implant surgery, third molar extractions, or dentures, there is very little that our office needs to refer to specialists.  We never lose site of why you came to see us, your chief complaint, but regardless of your needs, in addition, every patient will receive a comprehensive exam.*  

Here is an idea of some of what we provide during every exam:

  • Medical, dental history evaluation
  • Appropriate pictures and x-rays
  • Head and neck soft tissue exam
  • TMJ analysis
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Charting teeth for cavities and potential problems
  • Periodontal health evaluation
  • Cavities (decay) risk assessment
  • Diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Risks, benefits, and alternatives to treatment
  • Financial estimate and insurance estimate

*We have limited exams upon request, and if time allows same-day treatment may be available.